Last minute rental

We offer two rental methods for our cottages.

  1. Rental of complete Alabambouseraie (sleeps 23)
  2. Modulated rental.

Last minute rental

20% discount by booking at last minute.

Cottages and houses that are part of Alabambouseraie and Alapalmeraie can be individually rented from 12 days (D-12) before to your stay date, with a discount of 20%.

We prefer the full rental of our cottages for groups. However, the last minute reservation period being very short (12 days), we offer an immediate discount on the rental of our cottages and houses.

For example: you are a group of 8 people and want to rent for May 21.
If the entire domain is not rented at that time, you can rent for one or more cottages and houses that compose the domain from May 9 (21-12 = 9).

Example of modulation at the Alabambouseraie

Chalet Jumbo (6 people.) + Auréa house (7 people.)

Rufa Nigra chalets (10 people.)

For rent in midweek (Monday lunchtime to Friday 10am) in medium and low season, you can rent our cottages and houses individually without having to meet the deadlines of 12 days.

Hereunder, the individual cottages available for last minute rental :

At Alabambouseraie

Here are the individual lodgings open for rental in the context of modulated rental